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Special Message: We remain open to assist you during the COVID-19 Illness

To our Clients, Friends and Colleagues:

We wanted to take this moment to assure you that the offices of Walroth-Sadurni Law remain open, and will continue to remain open in Miami and Seattle during this unprecedented period of time of the Coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness presently affecting, closing or curtailing so many businesses in the United States and Mexico. Although our ability to travel and meet with many of you has been severely curtailed by various federal, state, county and municipal orders and recommendations, we have made arrangements to be able to meet with you through videoconferencing and telephone conferencing to fully represent your interests during this period of national and international crisis.

We will continue to actively monitor any and all developments associated with this situation in the States of Florida and Washington, as well as Mexico City, during this unprecedented time; and, timely advise you on how they may impact your legal matters. In the event it becomes necessary to modify our operations at any of our offices, please be assured that we have remote working capabilities, with full access to all of our documents and systems in a secure environment. As your trusted attorneys, we remain committed to providing you the highest level of legal representation during this extraordinary moment.

As these matters continue to unfold and progress, we will continue to keep you informed of any and all facts and circumstances that may affect your legal matters.

Lastly, please allow us to express how much we appreciate and value your trust in Walroth-Sadurni Law during these critical times.


Stephen P. Walroth-Sadurni, Esq.

G. Ilian Mendoza Tirado, Lic.

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