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WSLaw & QBB Offer Private Consultations on Buying a Business in USA

Walroth-Sadurni Law (“WSLaw”), together with Quantum Business Brokers (“QBB”), take pleasure in announcing they shall offer private and confidential consultations on the issues, obstacles, solutions and “best practices” relating to the purchase of a business in the United States. Each consultation will be limited to one participant, although the participant is free to invite anyone of their confidence to join them. The consultations shall be offered free of charge, and shall be conducted via Zoom videoconference for the participant’s convenience.

Each individual consultation will provide sixty (60) minutes of reinforcement of the key business considerations and legal issues relating to business acquisition transactions, with opportunities for confidential inquiries by the participant during each stage.

Here, QBB will address and explore the following key business considerations with the participant:

A. Advantages of Investing in the USA

B. Direct Acquisition of a Business (with or without the Land)

C. Direct Acquisition of a Real Estate based Business

D. Variety of Businesses available to Interest You

D. Search for the Ideal Business

E. Pre-Contract Evaluation of the Business | Profitability?

And, WSLaw will address and explore the following key legal issues with the participant:

1. Immigration Issues

2. Asset Purchase vs. Equity Purchase

3. Buyer | Entity vs. Individual

4. The Purchase Agreement | Key Considerations

5. The Escrow Agent

6. Due Diligence

7. The Closing

8. Post-Closing Issues | Breach?

Immediately following the consultation, the participant will have ample opportunity to explore with WSLaw and QBB their goals, objectives, preferences and strategies for acquiring a business in the United States.

The goal of the consultations is to educate and assist the participant to move from the “thinking about it” stage to the “acquisition stage” of acquiring a business in the United States.

To schedule your private and confidential consultation, please send us your request to:


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