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We understand seeking legal representation can be an unpleasant experience. The legal process is complex, and at times obscure. Certain matters require costs of representation in addition to the attorney’s fees.  The selection of the appropriate attorney for the needs of the client is not easy.  These concerns often aggravate the existing anxiety of the client when the need for legal representation arises.


We further understand that for international issues, the client’s anxiety increases significantly when the client requires legal representation abroad, in a foreign language and culture, often demanding travel to a foreign country to consult with counsel.


In response to these concerns, in 1995 we founded Walroth-Sadurní Law to provide bilingual legal representation, tailor-made for our clients, which we now provide directly in Florida, Washington and Mexico; and through collaboration with local counsel, throughout the United States and Latin America. Permit us to introduce you to Walroth-Sadurní Law, a boutique international law firm, offering personalized legal representation; simply stated, personalized and thoughtful legal representation specifically tailored to your needs.


What does this mean for you as the client?


At Walroth-Sadurní Law, we believe your legal matter is very personal to you, deserving of personalized attention and legal representation tailored to your needs. Accordingly, if a matter requires our involvement, our response is prompt, well reasoned, and coordinated with your strategic needs, wherever they are required.


At Walroth-Sadurní Law, we also believe keeping you informed on a regular basis of the status of your matter is important to you. And, because candid and frequent communication between the attorney and client is critical to the success of a matter, we encourage you to call us to discuss your goals and concerns, and participate with strategy. We also believe that you should always communicate with the attorney handling your matter, and not a secretary, paralegal or an associate.


At Walroth-Sadurní Law, our philosophy and approach to the practice of law comprehends your concerns and legal needs. We are committed to resolving, rather than aggravating, the legal issues you are facing.  Our personal attention and professional service set us apart.


Walroth-Sadurní Law maintains offices in Miami, Florida, and Seattle, Washington, as well as correspondent relationships with law firms in Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico. The firm also maintains cordial relationships with several law firms located elsewhere in the United States and Latin America. Accordingly, we strive to coordinate legal representation for you where it is needed within the United States, Mexico, and Latin America.



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